navy Seal who led Osama bin Laden operation is facing Trump's rage.

9 month ago

William McRaven a retired Navy Seal and the person who led the operation to capture Osama bin Laden back in 2011 is facing the rage of US leader Trump.

McRaven started clashing with the president after Trump attacked John Brennan a former CIA director’s security clearance over a talk he did not like; the navy seal oversaw this incident as a treat to democracy and that the president is using media to manipulate people and bring them to his side.

upon hearing these statements Trump fired back and labelled McRaven as a Hillary Clinton and Obama fan and added that the navy sail was living a luxurious life in Pakistan instead of getting hold of bin Laden sooner.

McRaven denied the accusations and said that he doesn't stand on anybody's side and that his admiration for Obama and George W Bush is true and that he is willing to support any president regardless of their political views.

trump expressed his frustration about the delay of capturing bin Laden and said that the US was wasting money on Pakistan to tell them where the A-list man was hiding.

the president is on the move to fire more politicians out of their posts when he hinted that Kirstjen Nielsen, secretary of homeland security, and chief of staff John Kelly could soon be out of their jobs.