Ten Connecticut high school students arrested after participating in food fight.

3 month ago

Connecticut news.

According to officials, ten high school students in Connecticut were arrested after taking part in a battle for food so wild that it left a wounded teacher and an officer responsible for the resources of the hospitalized school.

The students planned the fight and broadcast it on social media, the Stamford Police Department said in a press release.

The fight included "hundreds of students coming out of school, many throwing eggs, water and soda cans", in addition to "some skirmishes".

The investigators reported that a school officer who had been hit in the head with a can of soda had to be taken to the emergency room and treated for a laceration and a concussion. A high school teacher was injured.

Police arrested 10 miners as part of the battle for food. They must appear in a juvenile court. The ministry said the charges "range from first-degree riots, from the violation of the peace to the reckless endangerment and aggression of a police officer".

The investigators urged parents to monitor their children's social media accounts to avoid similar incidents.