Mom kills newborn daughter, hid her in flowerpot

5 month ago

Dallas news, Texas news.

A 18-year-old mother has been formally charged with murder in connection to the killing of her newborn girl who was found dead in a flowerpot in a Texas cemetery last month.

Local news outlets reported that Jazmin Lopez was apprehended on Tuesday facing capital murder "by intentionally and knowingly causing the death of a child under 10 years of age." Her bail is set to $500,000.

The event unfolded in Perry Cemetery where the newborn's body was discovered in a flowerpot by a caretaker as he was moving the out-of-place item on March 11.

According to Lopez's claims, she gave birth to the infant at her family home without notifying anyone of her relatives before suffocating her in order to "just trying to keep the baby quit," she said.