a woman was killed by a stray bullet while her husband was cleaning his handgun.

9 month ago

A 35-year-old middle school teacher Eric Rosenbrock was cleaning his legally owned handgun when a stray bullet struck his wife 34-years-old Ashley Rosenbrock.

the woman was rushed from her house in Albany to a hospital nearby Saratoga Springs, New York where she died due to her severe injury.

new york police run an autopsy over the victim and are still investigating the case while they believe that the injury was the result of an accidental discharge.

upon seeing police cars, neighbours mobbed the street and showed a great grief toward the couple's family and stated that the married couple lived an ordinary life and were reconstructing their home to make extra bedrooms for their 3 children.

authorities are still investigating the case, according to Major Robert E Patnaude of the New York State Police The results of the autopsy are compatible with the data they have collected from neighbours and from the scene.