Canadian cab driver, made extra money by steering desperate immigrants, sentenced in a U.S. prison.

3 month ago

Detroit news, Michigan news.

A Canadian cab driver was making a lot of money driving desperate immigrants into a rail tunnel under the Detroit River. He was sentenced Monday to 16 months in prison in an American prison.

Juan Garcia-Jimenez, a 53-year-old Canadian citizen from Guatemala, was fined $ 8,680, the amount paid by six people who had been arrested last year when they walked out of the city. tunnel in Detroit.

The 2.5 km (2.5 km) tunnel is used by freight trains traveling between Ontario, Canada and the United States. US lawyer Susan Fairchild said it was risky: a gangway is only 43.1 cm (17 inches) wide and is in poor condition.

Garcia-Jimenez dropped off people at a tunnel entrance in Windsor and drove away. Nine people arrested by border services officers identified him as the man who helped them leave Canada at different times last year.

Garcia-Jimenez was arrested last August while trying to enter Detroit to celebrate his wedding anniversary.