iconic 6th grade teacher was killed by her ex-husband; a former Ohio judge.

9 month ago

4 years ago 51 years-old Lance Mason a former Ohio judge served 9 months in prison for violently beating his ex-wife back in 2014; now he is back into custody for stabbing her to death.

saturday just after 9 a.m. The Shaker Heights police department responded to a domestic violence call , it was revealed that Mason fled from his house after stubbing his ex-wife Aisha Fraser, 45, during his escape the culprit crashed his car with a police cruiser before being arrested causing a non-life threatening injuries to an officer the latter was taken to a nearby hospital.

in 2014 mason faced charges for domestic violence against his former wife where he choked her and punched her several time leaving severe injuries on her face that required reconstructive surgery, the wife filed for divorce 2 days after the incident.

Mason was sentenced to 2 years in prison but he was released after 9 months.

after the incident, the former judge started a new life after being hired as a Minority Business Development Administrator in Cleveland's Office of Equal Opportunity.

news about the stabbing incident outraged community for Aisha was an iconic figure in shaker heights school, she has a special tie with her students and was a good mother for her two daughters and for all the children in the school.

A candlelight vigil is scheduled on Monday where Aisha's colleagues and the student would pay their last respect to the lovable victim.