Couple arrested for choking autistic boy to the point he 'turned blue'

2 months ago

Abilene news, Texas news.

An Abilene couple was apprehended on Sunday after they assaulted their autistic son choking him to the point his face turned blue, according to authorities.

The 12-year-old boy was reportedly upset after losing his ball when he was slapped by his 41-year-old stepfather in the 300 block of Saxon Street. The boy 38-year-old mother then tied the child with cords and made him sit on a porch swing.

When the autistic boy became agitated, the woman choke him using a cord which made his face turn blue. His 19-year-old brother intervened to save his life but he was also assaulted by the pair.

According to prison records, the man and the child's mother were both charged with injury to a child and assault.