A bullet-proof vest saved a wounded deputy, shot twice by a gunman.

2 months ago

Guntersville news, Alabama news.

A bulletproof vest saved a wounded MK from Mississippi when an armed man shot twice in the chest.

MP Daniel Tatum was injured Friday in Marshall County after being hit by an arm, shoulder and leg by a man who committed suicide after a four-hour standoff.

The vest had stopped two bullets.

According to the sheriff, Randy Vaught, 33, was the person who shot Tatum.

After the shutdown, Vaught sped up when he could not produce a driver's license and then went to his mother's home, WREG-TV reported. He ran home while his friends ran away.

Other MPs arrived at the scene and rescued injured Tatum, who was taken to a Memphis hospital where he was operated, the station reported. He faces more surgeries, Dickerson said.

The battle began with Vaught barricading himself at home.

As time passed and Dickersonn and his assistants tried to convince him to surrender, Vaught apologized to his family on Facebook and told them he was going to surrender, according to the channel.