Fordham University student suffered critical injuries after she accidentally fell from bell tower to take photo.

2 months ago

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A student from Fordham University tried to climb the historic campus steeple to take pictures of the skyline of New York City. She was seriously injured after an accidental fall.

The 22-year-old was on a 3-hour climb when she fell to a height of 40 feet and hit her head. His condition was described as critical in a Bronx hospital.

She was with other elderly people when she fell into an opening on the first landing of the tower, the newspaper reported.

According to the newspaper, the students said that climbing the tower, touching the bell and taking pictures of the panoramic views were part of a last-year "rite of passage".

Fordham's parents reacted quickly to the news.

Rookie Grayson Brown, 19, told the Post that her mother texted him Sunday saying "Stay out of the steeple!"

According to reports, a visitor to the Grand Canyon died recently while taking a photo of a dangerous perch.