This is how Genealogy test leaded police to crack a cold murder case

7 month ago

It has been 17 years since Christine Franke, 25 years old, was found shot and killed in her Orlando home, with police claiming they didn't find any clues for the horrific murder. The only thing the killer left behind was an unknown DNA that the investigators could not identify.

But in fact, they never gave up on the case. Police said that they have finally been able to solve the case thanks to genetic genealogy progress that actually allows police to identify a killer's DNA from the crime scene through his family members if they submit their DNA to a genealogy database (something they would likely do to find additional relatives they didn't know about).In the case of Christine Franke, the DNA found in the crime scene matched, in May 2018, three people who are second and third cousins of the suspect.

After months of hard work and investigation, Orlando police has eventually been able to identify Benjamin Holmes, a 38 years old man. He was taken into custody Friday and charged with first-degree murder with a firearm and robbery according to police. When arrested he denied the crime. But Christine's mother was relieved ''just having it settled in our minds and knowing he can't hurt anyone else''.