Man convicted of the 1993 murder of his wife after son found her buried body.

5 month ago

Jacksonville news, Florida news.

A Florida man was found guilty of murdering his wife, 23, in 1993, whose son, who was a toddler, witnessed and found his mother's buried body 21 years later.

A jury found Michael Haim guilty of second degree murder on Friday after killing Bonnie Haim.

Aaron, the 3-year-old son, said his father had killed his missing mother, but no body was found and Michael Haim was not charged.

Now known as Aaron Fraser after his adoptive family, he later won a lawsuit for wrongful death against his 53-year-old biological father and obtained his home.

Fraser found his mother's remains in 2014. Haim was soon arrested.

Haim could have seven years in prison, but prosecutors want a life sentence at next month's hearing.