6-year-old girl left severely brain damaged after MGM handrail electrocution

9 month ago

A 6-year-old girl is left grievously brain damaged, only able to follow movement with her eyes, after she touched an illuminated handrail at the MGM National Harbor Hotel last June.

Zynae Green was with her family in the hotel in Oxon Hill, Md when she touched the railing near a lit water fountain. Nearly 10 times the amount of electricity required to light the handrail (120 volts) jolted through her, shocked her grievously, causing a cardiac arrest without even a defibrillator at the scene to help her.

Green was rushed to hospital before being transferred to a rehab center in Baltimore, nearly two-hour drive from her family's home.

Now, she suffers from anoxic brain damage, denying her from walking or talking. Investigators said that major electrical code violation caused the incident.