Missing Spanish teacher found dead in Mexico

9 month ago

A Spanish teacher from North Carolina who went missing in Mexico since late October, was reportedly killed by a drug cartel according to Mexican authorities.

Patrick Braxton Andrew,34 , left his hotel for a walk in a mountain in the village of Urique, about 450 miles southwest of Juàrez.

Now, according to a facebook post from Javier Corral, the governor of Chihuahua, he is believed to be killed by a drug-trafficker from the cartel known as "El Chueco".

"It was a cowardly and brutal murder, of a totally innocent person", Corral wrote in his facebook's post " a clean man whose misfortune was to cross paths with this rascal."

Patrick Braxton Andrew was known for his love to travel and meet other people, but apparently his trip to Mexico turned out to be his last.