California fires dead toll reaches 76 as 1300 are unaccounted for

9 month ago

Firefighters are racing against time to contain the Woolsey fire that's only 82 percent contained as they issued a red flag warning for the winds(up to 50 mph), and low humidity expected for Sunday. Rain is expected for the mid-week in the hope of helping firefighters, even if it may complicate the search for remains mission.

In Northern California, the dead toll from the Camp Fire has reached 76 on Saturday, with 1276 unaccounted for. The fires are now 55 percent contained after destroying everything in more than 149,000 acres.

The Woosley fire in Southern California has for its part consumed 98,362 acres.

President Trump visited the two regions and saw firsthand the destruction and devastation caused by the Camp Fire and the Woosley fire.