ex-lover of man who killed his pregnant wife and two daughters finally speaking up about the incident

11 months ago

30-years-old Nichol Kessinger who was dating Christopher Watts who was pleaded guilty for killing his pregnant wife and his two daughters.

Kessinger stated that her short-lived relationship with the murderer was painted with lies and contradictions.

Kessinger and watts meet up while working at the same place at Anadarko Petroleum; the woman stated that while she was getting to know him watts was a very soft-spoken man the thing that made her fall for his words and believed his lies.

the convected man started his chain of lies when he said that he is in in the last states of ending divorce procedures.

the relationship between the two bloomed at the beginning of July when the pair took their relationship into another level and therefore started spending more time together throughout the week by the end of the month the romantic man announced his second lie saying that his divorce is now officially over.

in mid-August, watts' family went missing; the ex-girlfriend received a text from her lover stating that his family is gone now; the woman was starting to get suspicious especially after he delivered that text in a calm manner.

only after news outlets started reporting the incident Kessinger learned the truth the hard way and the chain of lies was finally discovered.

the woman was in shock after hearing that her lover and his wife were not divorced after all but are expecting a new baby into the family.

Kissinger then confronted watts the later did not want to end the relationship and told her more lies to the point that she could not find anything true in his speech.

she contacted the Weld County Sheriff’s Office and talked about the nature of their relationship.

Watts, 33, was arrested on Aug. 15 for the murders. He pleaded guilty on Nov. 6 to all nine counts against him, including five counts of first-degree murder, three counts of tampering with a deceased human body, and one count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy. He took the plea deal to avoid the death penalty. A sentencing hearing for Watts is scheduled for Monday.