Trump on China: Can't have trade that's meant for stupid people

9 month ago

on Friday President Donald Trump announced the likelihood of ending his trade war with China but noted that the negotiations are still missing some points and that US negotiators would not let go of them until they are granted.

in response to reporters president Trump said that China offered a deal which addressed 142 negotiating points and added that China would fulfill most of us demands; however, the list is still incomplete and needs some points to reach a closure.

The Chinese government earlier this week made an initial offer on trade, the offer followed a phone call last Friday between Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He.

president Trump stated that he doesn't want a deal that would harm one part a leave the other and added that both parts should be happy with the trade results in order to preserve the economic relationship between both governments after he made an effort to strengthen this relationship ever since his presidency.

the white house is still waiting for China to fulfill some of the important points in the trade list, and it is up to China now to chose between peace or war.