president Trump has "failed miserably" to support US troops according to Tammy Duckworth

9 month ago

Tammy Duckworth tammy Duckworth democrat senator has expressed her frustration on Thursday over the poor support president Trump provides for US troops.

she said that Trump" failed miserably "when it comes to supporting US troops stating that the president only supports veterans and troops during his election rallies.

she added that she oversaw that the president doesn't really care about those troops when he skipped the visit to an American cemetery and memorial while in France because it was raining. she said that he should have visited regardless of the weather condition.

duckworth who was a former US army lieutenant and lost both her legs in an explosion in Iraq said that 80,000 veterans who have not yet gotten their payments for their housing allotments while they're going back to school on the GI Bill.

GI Bill decision was passed by Congress back in 2017 in order to"enhance education benefits for veterans, service members, families, and survivors."

however, thousands of veteran students could not have access to that policy and therefore could not afford schooling and housing due to a series of glitches plaguing the VA's information and technology system.

duckworth expressed her anger toward sending troops to the borders to stop refugees caravan instead of thinking of a strategy to defeat possible threats from North Korea, she said that the president would truly show his support and care to veterans if he started fending them and start felling the 40,000 unoccupied positions.