Woman visiting her parents’ Long Island burial sank hip-deep into their grave

6 month ago

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A woman who visited her parents' grave site on Long Island fell into despair: she sank deep into the grave, according to a lawsuit.

According to court documents, Joanne Cullen leaned over to fix an arch on a wreath near the gravestone when a throat hole formed and began to "engulf" her.

She then tried to "bounce back and began to sink into the ground and grab the sides of the gravestone."

North Bellmore's woman, stunned, shouted for help, but no one in the cemetery could hear her.

It is now the turn of the administrators of the St. Charles Resurrection Cemetery to tremble with fear, after being struck by Cullen's $ 5 million lawsuit in the Queens Supreme Court.

The 64-year-old shiver at Farmingdale Cemetery in LI, where her mother-accountant, Evelyn, and her father, the roofer, John, bequeathed her a wreck.

Perrini says that gravediggers who filled a grave adjacent to Cullen's parents left an underground void that led Cullen into the underworld