Central American migrants are not our enemies ,A captain with the U.S. forces announced

9 month ago

A captain with the U.S. forces deployed in San Diego to secure the southern border stated that he does not see the migrants from Central American caravan assembled in Mexico as “enemies” contradicting President Donald Trump who described them as an “invasion.”

on Thursday Army Captain Guster Cunningham III said that the caravan of migrants coming from Mexico is not military enemies and that US military would not do the job to stop innocent refugees seeking asylum and a new life inside the borders of America.

while Trump has other plans waiting for the caravan and released orders to strengthen the borders with Mexico by sending a large number of U.S. troops.

the Pentagon stated that they have no plans to host more immigrants and that adding them would only add extra tasks on the shoulder of US authorities.

the caravan contains more than 1,000 migrants all seeking refugee and asylum in the US and escaping poverty and gang violence.

the caravan's future is in the hands of president Trump; all eyes are waiting for a "change of heart".