The son of Beverly Hills marketing CEO Jane Buckingham, apologizes, saying he’s upset he was “unknowingly involved” in the scheme.

6 month ago

Jack Buckingham, the son of Jane Buckingham, CEO of Beverly Hills Marketing, said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter that he hoped the scandal - in which his mother would have conspired to cheat on his ACT exam in order to get into the University of Southern California - will change the college admissions process for the better.

"I'm sorry I'm subconsciously involved in a broad program that helps children who do not work."

"For that, I'm sorry, even though I know it does not make sense at the moment", he added.

"Instead, I hope the colleges will prioritize intellect and other qualities of the candidates."

Jack's mother, author Jane Buckingham, was charged Tuesday with 33 other parents in the huge scandal of academic fraud.

She is charged with paying $ 50,000 for an ACT supervisor to take the exam in place of Jack in July 2018.

The plan was to send a sample of his son's writing to trace Singer's brain to the supervisor.

It is unclear whether Jack eventually went to USC - although he got an almost perfect score of 35 on the test, according to the documents.