Woman kills landlord and friend as child watches

6 month ago

Montgomery news, Alabama news.

A Pennsylvania mother faces murder charges in the murder of two women at her former landlord's apartment as her child witnessed the bloody crime.

According to Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, 43-year-old Naseema Sami was responsible of the death of Lila Frost, 78, and her friend Lorraine Gigliello, 68, whose bodies were discovered inside Frost's residence located in West Norriton Township on Sunday night.

Sami allegedly was with her son, 6, as she entered Frost's apartment via unlocked door when Gigliello came to visit Frost who was not home.

The suspect killed her as she tried to made an emergency call.

When Frost arrived home, Sami attacked her too as her son watched.

Sami then used bleach in order to erase the pools of blood and evidences.