Jim Acosta is back to track: president Trump forced to obey judge order .

9 month ago

Jim Acosta's permanent press pass would be given back to him after a federal judge granted the journalist's request for a preliminary injunction.

in the light of the case of repealing CNN reporter Jim Acosta's press pass by the US Secret Service, CNN filed a lawsuit against president Trump and a judge from Washington responded to the case after hearing arguments from Acosta and his fellow employees.

the judge said that the white house decision violated journalist's rights of freedom of speech.

the White House press office is now obliged to temporarily return Mr. Acosta's pass, the pass card that allows reporters to access the White House and other presidential events easily.

outside the court, Acosta praised the judicial decision and expressed his excitement to return to the field.

CNN thanked it's supporters and people who strive to create a strong free American press and is looking forward to full resolutions concerning its reporter.