Suspect sentenced to life in prison for teen's murder

6 month ago

Denver news, Colorado news.

Authorities said that a 17-year-old suspect received Monday a life in jail sentence after allegedly killing a 10-ear-old girl using a metal pipe in 2017.

Aidan Zellmer who was 15 at the time of the murder entered a guilty plea to first-degree murder of Kiaya Campbell.

According to police, Campbell has vanished from the Thornton area as she and Zellmer went for a ride.

According to the suspect claims, Campbell was separated from him following a heavy storm.

Authorities discovered the victim's body a day after.

District Attorney Dave Young stated: "Fifteen-year-olds make bad decisions but they don't commit cruel, heinous crimes like this."

Zellmer is likely to be held in a youth facility until he was aged 18 when he would be taken to an adult jail.