Suspect convicted of murdering adopted, spacial needs son before setting home on fire

11 months ago

Norwich news, New York news.

Nearly two hours of deliberations were enough for the jury to convict a New York suspect of his adopted, special needs son murder.

Ernest Franklin, 36, was ruled guilty after 1 hour and 40 minutes of deliberations in the case of March 2017 death of Jeffrey Franklin who was deaf and had behavioral complications. Franklin along with his wife, Heather Franklin, committed the horrific crime then set the house on fire the way they watched Casey Affleck do in the "Manchester in the Sea" movie.

Investigators showed jurors evidence that the 16-year-old was coldly killed before the fire that ravaged the Guilford home. "I'm just very happy that the jury was very attentive. They listened to the case I presented and they believed beyond a reasonable doubt," stated Defense Att. Michael Ferrarese.