A 28-year-old Tampa woman charged with distributing heroin and fentanyl leading to a death

11 months ago

Hillsborough County news, Florida news.

An investigator reportedly accused a 28-year-old Tampa woman of distributing heroin and fentanyl, which would have resulted in her being caught with the help of an undercover officer who pretended to be a dead man.

US Attorney Maria Chapa Lopez said in a statement that Joamary Rosario has "sold 10 plastic bags - each containing a substance consisting of a mixture of heroin, fentanyl and acetyl-fentanyl" - to a man who died in early November.

The next night, a plainclothes law enforcement officer named under the pseudonym of the deceased man was to catch Rosario, who "was arrested and found in possession of three other bags of the same substance," the statement said.

Rosario incurs a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years of life imprisonment in a federal prison.