hate crime in Kentucky :White suspect is facing charges for shooting two black grandparents.

9 month ago

51-years-old Gregory Bush is facing charges for killing two black grandparents at a Kroger supermarket in Kentucky last month.

according to police Vickie Jones, 67, and Maurice Stallard, 69, were both inside a Kroger grocery store when the suspect began shooting randomly in the store and then outside. Stallard was shot inside the store, while Jones was shot at the entrance

prior to his alleged shooting crime bush was spotted by a security camera outside the First Baptist Church, a historically black church in Jeffersontown. where he could not get access and then changed his plans and went to the store where he performed his horrific crime.

A grand jury slapped a six-count indictment against the accused shooter, including two counts of shooting and killing two victims based on their race, one count of attempting to shoot a victim based on race and three firearm counts based on its use in support of the previous charges.

United States Attorney Russell M. Coleman expressed his anger toward such crimes and said that nobody in Kentucky should feel unsafe while doing their daily activities and that violence and hate should not be part of the community.

Bush faces life in prison without parole with possible capital punishment .while Bush had already been charged by a state prosecutor with two counts of murder and 10 counts of wanton endangerment and could face the death penalty over those murder charges.