Nevada’s "black book" added two 2 gamblers to the ban list.

9 month ago

Anthony Grant Granito and James Russell Cooper are the new addition to Nevada's "black book" the two of them would not be able to set foot on the casino ground forever.

the two men were part of a 4 group of people who scammed the casino between August 2012 and July 2014 of an estimated $1.2 million.

the swindling group were able to carry on their mission thanks to their organized teamwork as Branco a craps dealer would work at the same table with Cooper for the scheme to work while the other two would mumble something that sounds like a hop bet — a wager that specific numbers would come up on the next roll — and one of the dealers would pay out as if they had correctly wagered on whatever fell.

in order to hide their activities, they would place real bets and they have lost thousands of dollars in the process.

Granito and Cooper, along with Jeffrey Martin and Mark Branco were convicted in 2016 and sentenced to prison on theft and cheating charges.