44 dead dogs found in freezer :police arrested and charged woman with animal abuse .

9 month ago

65-year-old Donna Roberts was arrested on Tuesday after police found 40 dead dogs inside a freezer along with more than 100 different breeds of dogs living in a critical condition.

the house of Roberts was inspected by the New Jersey State Police and Burlington County Health Department where they found various breeds of dogs living inside the house, the dogs were living in critical conditions and were visibly the victims of abuse and harm.

officials revealed that the dogs were living within their waste as the house has never been cleaned making the smell inside it unbearable.

after searching the house police found 40 dogs packed in plastic bags and placed in freezers.

4 dogs suffering from critical condition were transferred to an emergency veterinary clinic; the other dogs were treated at the spot by animal shelter workers.

police said that they have moved 161 living dogs from the property.

some of the rescued dogs were taken in by some regional shelters.

Roberts neighbors were complaining about the smell of the house and were suspecting animal abuse acts inside the house until the township enacted new ordinances leaving the floor for police to investigate the house.

roberts was released from custody with a pending court date; while authorities are still looking into the case.