A New York City man won the the largest prize in New York Lottery history .

9 month ago

last month Robert Bailey from new york city finally saw his dream come true when he won $343.9 the largest prize in New York Lottery history.

The retired postal worker won this prize on Oct. 27 after playing with the same combination of numbers for 25 years, the lucky man chooses to receive the lump-sum payout of $125,396,690, after taxes and collected his booty from at the Resort World Casino in Queens.

Bailey is still under shock and cannot contain his joy and said that he would never stop playing with the same numbers as he believes that he is a blessed man.

he also revealed that the lucky combination digits, 8, 12, 13, 19, 27 and 4, came from a family member about 25 years ago. He shortened the 40 to 4 for the Powerball ticket.

Bailey split the $687.8 million Powerball jackpot with Lynne West, 51, from Redfield, Iowa, who stated that a clerk had generated the numbers randomly for her.

she is also planning to donate $500,000 to an organization supporting wounded veterans as her father was a formal veteran in the Vietnamese war.

in the other hand, Bailey stated that he would give back to Manhatten without giving a plan on how he would fulfill this pledge; he confessed that he would make his family's life better and would participate to make a better future for the coming generation of his family he included some leisure such as traveling and buying land.

he claimed that he would not change because of money and that his personality would remain the same.