Mexican citizen on death row in Texas has been executed for murdering his family members.

9 month ago

64-years-old Robert Moreno Ramos a Mexican citizen on death row in Texas has been executed for the killing of his family members.

in 1992 Ramos murdered his whole family members: his wife Leticia, 42, his 7-years-old daughter Abigail, and his 3 years-old son Jonathan using a sledgehammer and then buried them under the floor of a bathroom at their home in Progreso.

ramos motives for the crime was to remarry a woman he used to have an affair with during his married life.

before being executed Ramos started having a spiritual conversation with"god" telling him that he is ready to go and asked for a "chariot".

ramos expressed his gratitude to the Mexican consulate for taking care of his case and for the humane treatment he has received texas prison.

wednesday Ramos received a lethal injection and was pronounced dead at 9:36 p.m.

ramos attorney expressed his anger because the execution should have been put in halt because lawyers could not present evidence on the state of his mind and the background of his childhood which was tainted with violence.

nobody's acquainted with the convict came to his execution. Ramus joined the list of executed inmates making him the 21st member and the 11th who was put to death using lethal injection.