Southern California fire obtained a new life while flocks of residents are returning to their homes .

9 month ago

like a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes ; Southern California fire regained its strength, Tuesday, with a sudden outburst in the Santa Monica Mountains before being attacked by retardant-dropping aircraft.

apart from an apartment building that burned in coastal Malibu, the zone in the west of Los Angeles marketed little fire activities.

firefighters did their best to stop the blaze lasted one week and reached engulfing mobile homes, scenic canyon getaways and celebrity estates; 40% of the fire was contained, however, the numbers could have been more satisfying if Santa Ana winds stopped feeding the fire and making the task even harder.

residents were allowed to return to the ruins that were once their homes on Tuesday

authorities said that it's not completely safe as some areas are still having hot spots.

the number of structure damage reached to 435 with a possibility to rise while the death toll from woolsey fire was fixed to two unidentified individuals found in a burning car.

people who were stack in coastal communities were supplied with items such as food and gas from the shores in the paradise cove.

firefighters worked to stop other erupting blazes while a weather forecast announced a possible rainfall next week, the thing that would help to stop flames from regaining life.

The cause of the Southern California fires is still under investigations while some victims filed a lawsuit against Pacific Gas & Electric Co for being the cause of this catastrophe that killed at least 48 people with possible additions to the list of deaths.