14-years-old boy forced to act as a human bridge received apologies from his bullies .

9 month ago

a video showing a boy being forced to lay down on a creek so a girl can walk over his body without getting wet fuelled waves of anger between the community of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Brett Corbett a 14-years-old boy from glace bay; the young boy who suffers from cerebral palsy was bullied into lying in the creek so a girl can walk on him while other students were taking videos of the whole incident; Corbett said that he was freezing inside the waster but nobody helped him out.

more than 50 students and adult protested in front of Glace Bay High School calling for an end to bullying while raising supporting messages and anti-bullying signs.

the Chronicle Herald of Halifax blamed school system and officials; he said that it is the responsibility of school and parents to educate their own children on how to respect human beings and how to treat a fellow mate who is different due to his cerebral palsy.

father of one of the students who bullied Corbett, Jim Ellsworth apologized and said that his son took responsibility of his actions and that he still feels ashamed of the doing stating that nobody should endure such humiliation.

the bullied boy has accepted all the apologies with only one condition is to stop bullying and stand for people who went under bad treatment inside their school.

Terri McEachern Corbett's mother was very proud of her son who has a big heart to forgive those who hurt him and said that Children with disabilities are gifted with forgiveness gift and that they see the good in people before the bad.

she also expressed her frustration upon hearing that the school punished the bullies lightly and said that the school was not supporting her son and she intends to send a formal complaint.

in the other hand, the school district wrote that they are still investigating the incident with the administration and that they are not proud of the behavior shown by the students who bullied Corbett.

the police of Cape Breton is taking care of the incident while 20 high school students protested inside the campus to support the victim of the bullying and to stand against the school who tends to hide such incidents.