Florida monkeys could put the life of citizens in danger .

9 month ago

a recent study, published in Wildlife Management, Wednesday said that the population of monkeys roaming Silver Spring State Park in Florida can pass a deadly virus to humans.

A colony of rhesus macaques was released in the forests along silver spring 1938 the monkeys were released by tour boat operator Colonel Tooey to enhance his Jungle Cruise ride ever since then the population of monkeys increased in that area and attracted numeral tourists.

Scientists studying a growing population of rhesus macaques in Silver Springs that chances of the animals carrying herpes B are potentially great as the virus is common in this kind of species and expressed that mankind would be in danger because the virus can be transmitted through the monkey's fluids and would spread the disease through interaction.

Dr. David Priest the medical director for infection prevention at Novant Health explained that it ’s rare for humans to contract herpes B, but said it’s possible if they are bitten or scratched by a monkey or in contact with a monkey’s body fluids or tissue.

Human cases of the virus have been rare with a rate of 50 cases while stating that "People who are most at risk for acquiring this infection are veterinarians and laboratory workers.”

removing the monkeys from Silver Spring State Park can be challenging but in the light of the recent study, the measurement would be put under consideration.