The snowiest February in most cities' history

6 month ago

More than 14 inches of snow has fallen in recent days, marking the snowiest February in Seattle's history, as powder fell in Portland, Oregon, and in the mountains of the United States. Sierra Nevada.

Snow and ice fell in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin, with some areas reaching 8 inches. Even Hawaii, with wind gusts of up to 60 mph.

This morning, 37 states are on alert in case of snow, cold or flood.

Heavy snowfall is expected to begin this night from Kansas to Michigan, with areas south of it, including the Ohio River Valley.

It can rain freezing rain in parts of Chicago in Detroit. Heavy snow will head northeast to Philadelphia and New York. Washington can see more rain.

It is possible that snow starts in Boston in the afternoon.

Minneapolis could have at least half a foot of snow. More precipitation is expected along the east coast, with parts of the north-east of the interior potentially receiving more than one foot of snow.

More than 4 inches of rain can fall from Arkansas to the Tennessee Valley and the Ohio Valley, which could cause flooding.