Two Southampton fans detained by police after mocking the death of Cardiff City footballer Emiliano Sala

6 month ago

Police arrested two Southampton supporters after apparently making fun of the death of Cardiff City footballer Emiliano Sala in a match between the two sides on Saturday.

Images posted on social media after the match seemed to show that the men were flying in the first game of Cardiff since the discovery of Sala's body.

The footballer, who had signed for Cardiff City but had not yet played for his new club, died after his plane crashed over the English Channel last month. Pilot David Ibbotson is also presumed dead, but his body has not been found yet.

Sala's body was found after a private search commissioned by his family and funded by a crowdfunding campaign that mobilized the support of several prominent football players.

Before the match, players and supporters of both teams watched a minute of silence at St Mary's Stadium in Southampton.

Police confirmed arrests after clashes between fans in another match between Watford and Everton on Saturday.

In December, Chelsea said some of his supporters had "shamed the club" by singing anti-Semitic songs during a match in Hungary in December. Several of their fans were filmed apparently launching racist violence against Manchester City player Raheem Sterling the same month.