Trump Jr. called a tweet by his father about Warren's Native American heritage "savage"

6 month ago

Elizabeth Warren officially announced her candidacy for the presidency on Saturday, which resulted in a tweet from President Trump "Pocahontas" as he described the senator.

He also added: "Go to the TRAIL campaign, Liz." He capitalized the '' trail.''

The "trail of tears" was a forced relocation of the Cherokee, Chicksaw, Choctaw, Muscogee and Seminole tribes following the Indian Withdrawal Act of 1830. Tens of thousands of Native Americans were driven off their land and forced to march to Oklahoma, with thousands of deaths as a result.

Trump Jr. later posted the tweet on Instagram saying, "Savage !!! Love my President."

The post included a retweet, referring to the Amerindian genocide, the president's initial message.

The president's taunting of Warren's ethnicity is centered on his claims that she had Native American origins. The senator took a DNA test last year, revealing that she was overwhelmingly European, but she confirmed the existence of an unmixed Native American ancestor in her pedigree six to ten generations ago.