6-year-old girl with cancer realized her dream and tried the police uniform

7 month ago

Freeport news, Texas news.

Abigail Arias, a 6-year-old child fights lung cancer.

"I have cancer, the bad guys are in my lungs," she said. "

The Wilms tumor, a kidney cancer rare in children, doctors tell the family that nothing can be cured.

Abigail, as strong as she is, whispered in her mother's ear not to worry and the bad guys would not win.

Last December, the Arias family met with Freeport Police Chief Ray Garivey, who united them.

Abigail told her that when she grew up, she would like to be a police officer. And to fulfill his dream, the family contacted an organization in Pearland called Cop Stop and asked him for a custom police uniform in Freeport. The police department realized the dream of the youth who put the police uniform on Tuesday for the first time.

Abigail was sworn in on February 7, surrounded by officers from various Texas agencies.