Michigan man Michigan man who fired a gun at teenager would be charged with at least 4 years in prison.

9 month ago

a video footage of an alleged incident showing a man shooting at a teenaged landed Michigan man to 4 years at least in prison.

Jeffrey Zeigler, 53, A retired white Michigan firefighter was sentenced to at least 4 years in prison for shooting 14-years-old Brennan Walker this Tuesday in Oakland County court.

fortunately the teenager was not injured during the incident while narrating his story to police walker stated that he has missed his school bus April 12 and decided to knock on the door of Zeigler in Rochester Hills after getting lost, a Surveillance video at the home showed the incident vividly when a shirtless white man emerged from the door and chasing after the black teen while aiming at him with his gun.

Zeigler then said that he was sleeping when he heard his wife screaming and saying that someone's trying to break into the house and apologized to walker's mom during his sentence but the mother didn't accept it and believe that he was not sincere about his apology.

a parol would be eligible for the alleged man after 4 years.