Suspect claimed to friend his mother 'took a while to die'

6 month ago

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The New York City suspect accused of killing his mother outside her house on Monday confessed to a friend that the victim took "a while to die," a court document release said.

65-year-old Paula Chin was discovered dead on Tuesday in a garbage bag outside her home in New Jersey.

The victim suffered several wounds including a stab injury to her neck and head.

In a phone call to his 21-year-old girl friend Caitlyn O'Rourke, Jared Eng, 22, admitted the crime claiming that his mom took a "while to die."

According to the criminal complaint The body of the woman has been moved from her apartment in Manhattan to the Morristown house.

Eng, O'Rourke and their 18-year-old friend Jennifer Lopez were charged with tampering with physical evidence and concealment of a corpse.