Police search for a killer who took the life of a beloved businessman

6 month ago

Gainesville news, Florida news.

Gainesville police said Hough was sitting in his car at the CVS parking lot on Park Hill Drive at around 7:45 pm while his wife had entered the pharmacy.

Investigators said a man, who was only partially under surveillance, fired at Hough, 73-year-old, during an attempted armed robbery.

Jay Parrishle, Gainesville Police Chief: "I do not know if he pulled out the window or opened the door, but Mr. Hough was inside the vehicle when he was shot''.

Chief Parrish hope that the shooter's DNA is analyzed to help the police find the killer.

At Luna's restaurant, Jim Walker and other associates and friends gathered for the memory of a friend who passed away.

Walker said Jack Hough had been very successful in creating restaurant zones at airports, colleges and shopping centers and shared his good fortune.

Now Jack Hough has been snatched from his family, friends and many others.

"Jack was such an authentic man and such an important part of this community," said Dixon.

Anyone with information about Jack Hough's murder should contact the Gainesville Police Department.