Republican accused Democrats of staging a “dog and pony show” — before Whitaker

6 month ago

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The House Judiciary Committee hearing with Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker began bruyammen Friday when the Republican leader accused the Democrats of having organized a "dog and pony show" and requested an adjournment - before Whitaker says a word.

Representative Doug Collins (R-Ga.) Denounced the "theatrical acts" of the proceedings and declared that they were "nothing more than a murder of character".

But with the control of the Democrats, the vote of adjournment was quickly rejected.

Collins was particularly annoyed by Thursday's "charade" when the Democrats threatened to summon Whitaker to appear - although he agreed to testify voluntarily.

It was not until Thursday night that the matter was settled without subpoena.

Nadler, accompanied by representatives, Elijah Cummings (D-MD), Frank Pallone Jr. (DN.J.) and Adam Schiff, Presidents of the Control, Energy and Trade Branch and Intelligence Committees, sent a letter asking the Acting Attorney General to hand over documents related to his work to World Patent Marketing, which had been closed for fraud by the Federal Trade Commission in 2017.

The new documents produced by the committee show that the parent company of World Patent Marketing paid Whitaker $ 9,375 from October 2014 to February 2016 for his services as a member of the board of directors. Whitaker was supposed to return the money to the company so it could be distributed to the victims of the fraud.

The chairman of the committee said that Whitaker had not paid back those funds.