American Airlines pilot arrested on suspicion of being drunk — forcing the flight to be canceled

12 months ago

The 62-year-old American Airlines pilot was one of three passengers on the AA735 flight at Manchester Airport on Thursday morning, when the police arrested him for "the discharge of an aeronautical function while he had exceeded the alcohol limit, "the British daily reported.

The flight was canceled and the passengers were redirected to another flight.

Greater Manchester police said the pilot, who had not been released, had been released on bail pending a re-investigation.

The employee was arrested and the AA735 flight to Philadelphia was canceled. "We apologize to our customers for disrupting their travel plans." We booked alternative flights, "the airline said in a statement. email.

According to FAA regulations, the pilot can not act as a crew member within the next eight hours.

Many airlines adopt a shorter time limit of 12 hours. American Airlines has not communicated its policy.