Police arrested a man accused of his police officer ex-wife

6 month ago

Oklahoma news.

The US protesters followed one of Mexico's most wanted men and arrested a man accused of murdering his ex-wife by stabbing him 40 times while watching his children.

Investigators said Luis Octavio Frias, 34, had been waiting for Janett Reyna and assaulted her when she tried to get her three children back from her grandmother's home in Kay's home in 2013. The marshal said he stabbed her in front of the children.

Frias was arrested in Jalisco, Mexico on Wednesday night, according to federal signatories. When he arrived in the United States on Thursday, US Marches used the same handcuffs given to Reyna by the Blackwell Police Department to put him in custody.

"In many ways, these handcuffs represented poetic justice not only for the victim, but also for his children, his brothers and sisters and his community," said US Marshal Johnny Lee Kuhlman, of West Oklahoma County.