Court refiles charges against high school student who made shooting threats

6 month ago

Waukesha news, Wisconsin news.

The former high school student who had allegedly made public mass shooting and whose case had been dismissed will face charges again.

Prosecutors have filed on Feb. 5 one count of making terrorist threats against Jared Roberts, 18, which is the same charge he previously faced when charged in April 2018.

Roberts, then 17, made threats about a mass shooting amid the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre. A Mukwonago high school teacher reported the student's threats to police, who searched his house and didn't find any weapon. In the complaint, Roberts was just talking loudly about the Columbine shooting and was researching the 1999 tragic event.

Roberts will make his first court appearance on Feb. 25 and could be sentenced to 3,5 years in prison if convicted.