Graduate student choked by a group of men claiming he laced Halloween candy with drugs

9 month ago

California news.

A California graduate student smothered to the point of losing consciousness by a group of men claiming to have used drugs for Halloween would have settled his case for $ 7.4 million Wednesday as part of an agreement that men would not have to admit to having acted.

In 2015, Samuel Chang, at the age of 22, was distributing Halloween sweets outside while visiting his grandmother in the Chatsworth area when he said he was suddenly confronted several men, including two firefighters resting. The group reportedly worried that the stranger is giving away sweets with the drugs.

A video taken from Chang's phone showed the group of five men - including firefighter Michael Anthony Vitar, a former child actor known for his roles in "The Sandlot" and two films "Mighty Ducks" - The video captured By far, Chang was trying to give sweets with illegal drugs to neighborhood kids.

Another video, shot by a passer-by, showed the group surrounding Chang before firefighter Eric Carpenter, who lived nearby, placed the graduate student of the time in a choke that lasted at least six minutes, while that the other men stopped Chang.

Chang finally lost consciousness but he finally had to be transported to the hospital, where he stayed for several days.

Charpentier was charged with criminal assault in 2017 and could have been sentenced to up to seven years in prison, but did not plead against assault for contempt.