supermodel Ireland Baldwin tweeted that an officer accused her of looting while her mother Kim Basinger lost her house in California's wildfire

9 month ago

supermodel Ireland Baldwin posted several tweets about an incident which occurred while she was trying to return to her own house in Malibu.

the star revealed earlier that her mother kim Basinger has lost her house in California's devasting wildfire.

baldwin claimed that an officer stopped her from getting access to Malibu city where her house was located because she didn't have her Malibu address on her Id.

the supermodel stated that the officer was uncompassionate and labeled her a looter while she was only getting things from her own house.

baldwin said that the officer could have been more compassionate instead of treating her that way.

a lot of celebrities have lost their houses to The Woolsey Fire, while the blazing flames are still going across the state of California with only 30% containment more than 435 structures were destroyed and the damage index is still counting huge numbers.