Authorities confiscated 224 pounds of Marijuana at Atlanta's airport

9 month ago

Atlanta news, Georgia news.

Four men arriving in Atlanta from Las Vegas had a lot of luggage - eight large suitcases between them.

Police said these bags were not filled with clothing and travel items. Instead, what they found inside was marijuana. By fleeing into the bags, the authorities confiscated 224 pounds.

Sgt. Atlanta Police spokesman John Chafee described the seizure as one of the most important at the airport.

The drug enforcement team received a message that four men might try to carry drugs during the weekend.

Photos were provided, so the police knew what the men would look like.

Officers waited on the reaction deck While people were waiting, the police quickly separated the men from the other passengers and asked an addict dog to check the baggage.

Jemonta Kilgore, Chad Ellis, Labrinsan Culpepper and Rakeem Bland. All of them were charged with trafficking.