2018 foster mom of the year charged with child abuse

6 month ago

Niagara Falls news, New York news.

The foster mother of the year who was awarded this honor in 2018 was charged with child abuse after she allegedly assaulted three kids who were in her care.

Kathleen Jackson, 50, faces charges of assault in the second degree, a felony, and endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor. The incident occurred on November, 29 when the parents of three kids placed in her care noticed knuckle marks on their 2-year-old son's ribs. "It looked very much like someone took a belt to my 2-year-old son and beat him with it." Katherina Adams, the kids' mother said.

According to her, and her fiance Jameson Burgess, the kids were removed from their custody because of their living conditions. She suffered depression, the father was working two jobs and their small house became roach infested.