A Colorado doctor appeared in blackface in the same yearbook that resulted in calls for the resignation of Northam

12 months ago

Pueblo news, Colorado news.

A Colorado doctor appeared in blackface and disguised as a member of the Supremes team in the same 1984 book that had resulted in calls for the resignation of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

Dr. Steven Nafziger is the director of Park View Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado, where he has been working for more than three decades. According to Pueblo's youth leader, Nafziger, who attended the same Virginia Medical School in Northam, appeared on the pictures of a Halloween party at the medical school that ended in 1984 around the school.

"Dr. Nafzger's services in Pueblo, including his stay at the doctor's office, his primary care physician, and his stay at Parkview Medical Center are flawless," the statement said. "Parkview would like to enjoy the last 35 years of Mr. Nafziger's life, and his outstanding service and commitment to our community."

Northam showed his anger last week for comments that some appeared to support postpartum abortions in certain cases. He was charged two days after his appearance in a racist photo.