police started hunting for the two suspects connected to Pine Bluff pawn shop mass shooting .

9 month ago

The Pine Bluff Police Department is seeking the public's help to identify the two suspects connected to the fatal mass shooting in a Pine Bluff pawn shop.

the incident occurred at the Wise Buck Pawn Shop in the 2400 block of S. Camden.Monday night. police revealed that two armed individuals entered the store and one of them started exchanging gunfire with the business owner Brandon McHan; the two suspects hurriedly left the store but returned after few minutes only to find another individual helping out the man they have just shot, the other man, however, started exchanging gunfire with them using the owner's firearm; during the shooting the victim received shots in different areas of his body including his the chin, abdomen, and hand.

both victims were taken to a local hospital where MCHan was pronounced dead due to his severe injuries while the other victim's condition is still unknown.

police released several pictures from the store's security cameras and asked citizens to help them identify the two suspects and call the main police department for useful information.